My Experience

My experience stems from my teen years when I took an opportunity to teach and train some pupils who successfully moved from below average to high average within a space of 6 months. After my nursing training while practising, l took up another opportunity in some health care institutions to teach nursing students in their  choosen career.

l have worked in private, quasi-government and government health facilities; some of which are primary, secondary and tertiary health facilities. l am also prvileleged with a bigger opportunity to work in a teaching hospital. My experience working as the principal of a health care institution exposed me to meeting high profile personalities and top ranked institutions for partnership as well as having exchange programs. working as an in service training coordinator for a tertiary hospital also brought many professionals to my workshops to acquire knowledge.

I must say my life has been that of a dedicated service to humanity; helping to shape the frontiers of our health education agenda. I basically live life to impact knowledge and experience to both young and the elderly.Reaching out to people especially in the deprived communities with basic medical screening and aid has also been a core part of my life. I have over the years carried out outreaches together with some religious organisations and educational institutions.

Feedback & Reviews

Let your life and  light so shine bright.

Mrs. Rose Gomashie is a special gift to the Kingdom of God and humanity.  Your godly virtues enables you to stand out uniquely at all times.  Your passion for Missions has touched and transform many lives.  You’re a great mother, medical professional and a woman of God.  Knowing you is a great blessing.  God richly bless you.

Ps. Harrison


ICGC-Redeem Temple

You are a sister and a great mentor who has shaped me to become the woman i am today, you are indeed a virtuous woman who knows how to train girls to fit the current world. God bless you and continue to give you more grace.


Senior Nurse

Branch CEO of Finger of God Company

You and your message has contributed soo much to my growth today, you are a sister, a counselor and a mentor, your way of dealing with things is very unique and eccentric. You have  contributed so much to the body of Christ at at large,  Indeed you are a blessing to this generation and the next generations to come. Evangelist Rose Gomashie God richly bless you and your family, may you live long and add more, shalom.

Ps. Divine

Convenor of Anointed vineyard Missionaries (AVM), 


CEO Devina Enterprise

I had the privilege of having a one on one chat with Rose concerning a health challenge I had battled with over the years. I must confess I took up the courage to confront my fears by doing all necessary test and taking treatments as ordered by a physician. I am completely free from fears and healed too.


Fashion Designer

I wanted to venture into a business but didn’t know which one exactly. Madam Rose helped me to narrow my many plans to one. I have a booming business venture now. Thank you, Madam ROSE.



Dispensing Technician

I was introduced to Mrs Gomashie a month to my Licensing exams. She designed a study guideline, coached me on its usage and handled some courses with me.

I wrote and passed my exams in one sitting.



Registered Nurse

What Can I Do for You?

You need to have this firm understanding that the next phase of your life is so much linked to the person and advise you will chance on.

I am a public speaker that has successfully held seminars for groups and organizations on wide range of topics on health, relationship, career, and business etc. Rose GOMASHIE Coach is not just a name but a life of practicality in coaching people. Rose’s words emanates from inspirations and variety of experience that together act as cement that holds various aspects of people’s life’s just as blocks, together.

I worked with The Young and Wise Club of Ghana back in my college days to educate the youth about sexually transmitted disease and managing one’s sexual health. I have had opportunity to liase with NGOs like Queendalyn Yurglee foundation, Deborah Debby KraftHauze for a medical outreach. Partnering with Missions groups and Regious Organisations to carry out medical screening exercises, health education and promotion activities.

Need Advice?

Do not live life in doubt, Believing in yourself makes all the difference. Seek help and advice by calling me today.

Our path crossed in 2009 when we met as students in a Nursing college. We became sisters almost immediately and as a senior in school you were very instrumental in my success. In 2016 we become lecturers in the same Health Care School and as I always say, you are one of the best lecturers I have ever worked with.

In 2019 we got employed to work in the same health facility, which has helped our relationship to grow immensely. You have been a close friend and a sister till this very day, and I want to say I cherish every bit of it. I have always consulted you before taking major decisions, because not only are you an advisor, but you are also a strong support system. Keep being and doing you. God bless you.


Senior Nurse


CEO KingThersy Enterprise